Meditation for Practitioners

3-Day Online Course. Learn to Guide Simple Meditation Tools for Your Clients & Patients. | taught by Sura Kim

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Meditation is an ancient practice, yet today we live in a modern world filled with technology and information. How can we create a meditation practice that we can realistically sustain and invite into our everyday life? How can I contain my own energy and not take stress and energy on from others?

This course will provide you with clear guidance and practical tools that will empower you to live with greater ease, focus and inner-balance.

Sura Kim
Sura Kim
Meditation Coach

Sura is a Meditation Coach. She first started meditating when she worked on Wall Street. Sura found great reprieve on her meditation cushion and longed to learn more. After a near death miss in 2004, she took a leap of faith and left New York to travel around the world and study meditation, yoga & the healing arts. When she returned, Sura completed her Executive Coaching certification at Georgetown University. During that time, she began to experiment with integrating movement, coaching and meditation for her clients. She later produced an integrative DVD series, Sura Flow: Self-Discovery Yoga.

In 2007, Sura started her own business, now known as The Sura Center where she provides online meditation courses and certified Meditation Coach trainings for leading organizations including Harvard University. Sura is a writer for Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington's new online venture, Thrive Global. She has taught for well-known yoga studios in LA as well as a community cancer center in Ann Arbor, MI. Sura is passionate about meditation and encourages people to follow their joy to experience more flow and synchronicity in their everyday lives.

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Course Curriculum

Day 1 - The Basics of Meditation: Getting Started
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Day 2 - Grounding & Centering
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Day 3 - Guiding Meditation for Others
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